I am alive.

God/source/life force is inside of me, because I am breathing.

God wants us to prosper, or humans wouldn’t be here.

There is endless abundance in this universe.

Things can turn around in an instant.

I expect magic to happen. Now.

I let go of everything that is worn out and hasn’t worked.

God knows of my needs.

Miracles happen every day.

I don’t need to figure it out, I’m not God.

Step One: Never make a negative statement about finances, such as ‘I can’t pay my bills’, or ‘I can’t pay my rent’,  ‘business is very bad’, or ‘I can’t make ends meet’ etc.

As soon as the negative thought starts ‘I can’t…’, affirm instead ‘I am one with the infinite storehouse within me, and all my needs are met instantaneously’.

You may  have to do this over and over, Joseph says, but persist and the negative thought will eventually stop troubling you.

Step Two: Condition your mind to the riches of the infinite by making it a habit throughout the day to affirm ‘God is an ever present help in time of trouble’, and also ‘God is the instant and immediate source of my supply, presenting me with all the ideas necessary at every moment of time and point of space’.

Step Three: Fall asleep every night repeating this great truth: ‘I am ever grateful for God’s riches, which are ever active, ever present, unchanging, and eternal’.


If one person tells you this is the way, and another tells you this is the way, then you are in Babel; a city of confusion on the pathway of the spirit.

The first principle that you can always fall back on when you are in doubt is ‘Be still, and know that I am God’.

No matter what happens, turn within and be still. Know that your awareness is God, and that all things are possible to you. test yourself, and you will prove this statement in the testing. then you will be free from your former limitations of belief.

No matter what is happening on the outside, turn to the first principle.

Start by being still. then claiming, I am God.

Ask yourself, is this true?

You will never know the truth until you test it

Relax. Be still and question yourself, saying: “Are you really God?”

Address yourself as though you were two. “If you are God and can do all things, prove it to me by giving me my desire so I can feel its presence now.”

See if he will prove himself in performance and when he does, do it again.

Keep on asking and when he proves himself here on this level, then let these things which can’t be put to the test come through, for they will.

Every morning take time to be alone, and indentify yourself with these truths:

I live, move and have my being in God and God is the living principal within me and I know very well I am alive, and God is the progenitor; the father of all.

God lives, moves and has his being in me. I am the temple of the living God, God lives in me.

I am immersed in the Divine presence which surrounds me, enfolds me and enwraps me. My mind is God’s mind; for there is only one mind, and my spirit is the spirit of God.

This infinite being within me is the only presence and the only power; it cannot be defeated, thwarted, or frustrated in any way; there’s nothing to oppose it, challenge it, neutralize it, it’s Almighty; it moves as a unity; there are no divisions or quarrels in it; it is all powerful and all wise, it is present everywhere.

As I unite mentally with this infinite power through my thoughts, I know I am greater than any problem.

I grapple courageously with all difficulties and problems, knowing that they’re divinely outmatched, and whatever strength, power, and creative ideas I need will automatically be given to me by the Divine intelligence within me.

I know the infinite lies stretched in smiling repose within me, where all is bliss, harmony and peace.

I am now in tune with the infinite, and His wisdom, power and intelligence become active and potent in my life.

This is the law of my being and I know God’s peace fills my soul.

I know I can’t think of two things at the same time; I can’t bless my son and denounce him in the same breath; I can’t think of failure and dwell upon success at the same time in my mind.

This is the law of my being, and then God’s peace fills my soul.

Periodically during the day, I withdraw my attention from the vexations and strifes of the world, and I return to the divine presence within me, and commune with that creative intelligence within.

I know I am nourished spiritually and mentally, and Gods river of peace floods my mind.

Infinite intelligence reveals to me the perfect solution and the perfect idea for every problem I meet.

I reject the appearance of things, and I affirm the supremacy of the infinite presence and power within me.

I am absorbed and engrossed in the great truth, that infinite intelligence is guiding me; that divine right action reigns supreme.

The miraculous healing presence is flowing through me now, permeating every atom of my being.

his river of peace flows through my mind and heart, and I am relaxed, poised, serene and calm.

I know the divine presence which made me is now restoring me to wholeness and perfection, and I give thanks for the miraculous healing which is taking place now.



The decks are now cleared for Divine Action and my own
comes to me under grace in a magical way.
I now let go of worn‐out conditions and worn‐out things.
Divine order is established in my mind, body and affairs.
ʺBehold, I make all things new.ʺ
My seeming impossible good now comes to pass, the
unexpected now happens!
The ʺfour winds of successʺ now blow to me my own. From
North, South, East and West comes my endless good.
The Christ in me is risen, I now fulfill my destiny.
Endless good now comes to me in endless ways
I now draw to myself my own. My power is Godʹs power
and is irresistible! Divine order is now established in my
mind, body and affairs.
I see clearly and act quickly and my greatest expectations
come to pass in a miraculous way.
There is no competition on the Spiritual plane. What is
rightfully mine is given me under grace.
I have within me an undiscovered country, which is
revealed to me now, in the name of Jesus Christ.
Behold! I have set before thee the open door of Destiny and
no man shall shut it, for it is nailed back.
The tide of Destiny has turned and everything comes my
I banish the past and now live in the wonderful now, where
happy surprises come to me each day.
There are no lost opportunities in Divine Mind, as one door
shut another door opened.
I have a magical work in a magical way, I give magical
service for magical pay.
The genius within me is now released. I now fulfill my
I make friends with hindrances and every obstacle becomes
a stepping‐stone. Every‐ thing in the Universe, visible and
invisible, is working to bring to me my own.
I give thanks that the walls of Jericho fall down and all lack,
limitation and failure are wiped out of my consciousness in
the name of Jesus Christ.
I am now on the royal road of Success, Happiness and
Abundance, all the traffic goes my way.
I will not weary of well‐doing, for when I least expect it I
shall reap.
Jehovah goes before me and the battle is won! All enemy
thoughts are wiped out.
I am victorious in the name of Jesus Christ.
There are no obstacles in Divine Mind, therefore, there is
nothing to obstruct my good.
All obstacles now vanish from my pathway.
Doors fly open, gates are lifted and I enter the Kingdom of
fulfillment, under grace.
Rhythm, harmony and balance are now established in my
mind, body and affairs.
New fields of Divine activity now open for me and these
fields are white with the harvest.
Manʹs will is powerless to interfere with Godʹs will. Godʹs
will is now done in my mind, body and affairs.
Godʹs plan for me is permanent and cannot be budged. I am
true to my heavenly vision.
ʺThe Divine Plan of my life now takes shape in definite,
concrete experiences leading to my heartʹs desire.ʺ
I now draw from the Universal Substance, with irresistible
power and determination, that which is mine by Divine
I do not resist this situation. I put it in the hands of Infinite
Love and Wisdom. Let the Divine idea now come to pass.
My good now flows to me in a steady, unbroken, ever‐
increasing stream of success, happiness and abundance.
There are no lost opportunities in the Kingdom. As one
door shuts another door opens.
ʺThere is nothing to fear for there is no power to hurt.ʺ
I walk up to the lion on my pathway and find an angel in
armor, and victory in the name of Jesus Christ.
I am in perfect harmony with the working of the law. I
stand aside and let Infinite Intelligence make easy and
successful my way.
The ground I am on is holy ground; The ground I am on is
successful ground.
New fields of Divine Activity now open for me.
Unexpected doors fly open, unexpected channels are free.
What God has done for others He can do for me and more!
I am as necessary to God as He is to me, for I am the channel
to bring His plan to pass.
I do not limit God by seeing limitation in myself. With God
and myself all things are possible.
Giving precedes receiving and my gifts to others precede
Godʹs gifts to me.
Every man is a golden link in the chain of my good.
My poise is built upon a rock. I see clearly and act quickly.
God cannot fail, so I cannot fail. ʺThe warrior within meʺ
has already won.
Thy Kingdom come in me, Thy will be done in me and my

“There Is Nothing That Will Empty Your Pocket Faster Than The Ungrateful, Cynical State Of Mind”

Then she follows this statement with the solution: “But when you cast off bitterness and resentment through declaring words of praise, your bounty increases, your prosperity increases”.