A Bunch Of Joseph Murphy Quotes, Affirmations & Scientific Prayers

‘when you say I am, you are announcing the presence of the living God within you’
You are declaring yourself to be.
I am that I am.
the word THAT indicates, that which you want to be, that which you’d like to be.
And the second I am, means the answered prayer. Achievement, fulfilment of your desire.
you feel yourself to be what you long to be.
Whatever you attach to I AM you become. Whatever you attach to I AM with feeling, with understanding, you will become that very thing.
I am in my true place. I am doing whart I love to do. I am divnely happy. I am divinely prospered.
I AM means awareness, being, life principle. Unconditioned consciousness.
take your attention from your problem, lack, limitation, focus your attention on your ideal, your goal, your objective, claim yourself to be what you long to be, rejoice and feel it, then, the old condition will pass away, then you will experience the joy of the answered prayer.

You’re saved from lack, limitations of all kinds, why? because you’re aware of the God presence within. And your capacity to contact it. When you call on it, it answers you. It will be with you in trouble, it will set you on high. Because you hath known its name. Its name is it’s nature., the way it works.

Your desire is a gift from God, realization is your savior.
* realization of your desire is your savior.

So the answer is always within you. And the saving consciousness is within you. Because God indwells you.

stand still and see the salvation of the lord, meaning, to quiet the wheels of your mind. Call upon this infinite intelligence which responds to you.


remain unmoved, live in the atmosphere of victory.
And victory will be yours
having seen the end, you have willed a means to the end. realize and know that all the power of God will flow to that focal point of attention

remember, I want to stress this: whatever you attach to I AM with feeling you become.

seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all things shall be added unto you. What does that mean? The kingdom of heaven or the Kingdom of God is within yourself, its your consciousness, its your awareness of being, its your mind, your thoughts, your imagination, the invisible part of you, your feelings, your beliefs.

Your state of consciousness is what you think and believe. What you feel, it is what you imagine yourself to be. Therefore, your state of consciousness is whatever you think, feel, believe, and give mental consent to. All these things are dramatized on the screen of space.
Your consciousness is the only God, they only creative power.
It’s your thought and feeling, which create your destiny

You first therefore go within, your own mind, your own consciousness, there you claim to be what you want to be.
And that spirit within will honor, validate, and execute it

Go within, shut the door to your senses, pray to your father which is in secret, and the father is the creative power, its the life principal within you
the thought and the manifestation are one arent they. Therefore thoughts are things, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you become.
therefore of course, whatever you want, you go to consciousness for it. thats the meaning of seek ye first, the kingdom of heaven, OMGGGGG
your concept of yourself determines your future.
whenever you say I am, remember you are announcing the presence of the living God, within you

Realize that you can now claim what you want to be, you can now claim to possess what you long to possess. You can now claim that you’re doing what you long to do. You can live in that mental attitude, which will gradually sink down by osmosis from your conscious to your subconscious.

It will gradually become a conviction as you nourish it and sustain it. Then your limitation will disintegrate.
Then you will rise from the ashes like the phoenix, because I must die to what I am before I can live to what I long to be.
And claim that the wholeness of God is flowing through you
Take your attention away from the multitude of reasons why you cant achieve something. And focus your attention on your ideal,. Nourish and sustain it.
And the answer will come. Keep on keeping on. and the day will break and all the shadows will flee away

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