Affirmation By Ernest Holmes

I wrote this down from a video and wanted to keep note of it:

Knowing there is a power greater than I am, I am placing complete confidence in it.

I believe that this power is now working in my life.

I believe that I am being guided by an intelligence that knows everything.

I believe that I am being guided by a love that tenderly cares for everyone.

I believe that there is a power, operating in my affairs, which is supreme.

Therefore I say to myself: There is no fear or doubt, nothing that can dim my vision, or mar the picture that I now make of myself, as being whole and happy and confident.

There is no discouragement from the past, and there is no fear that can mar the faith that I have today.

I know that my word, my own thinking right now, erases all negative pictures in my mind, and replaces them with confidence and expectancy, with faith and assurance.

I expect new and better things to happen.

I believe that I shall be surrounded by love, and by friendship.


This is the video where it’s from in Ernest Holmes’ own voice.

It starts at 11:58:


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