Affirmation From Pray & Grow Rich – Chapter 7 – By Catherine Ponder

I liked this affirmation from Pray and Grown Rich, in Chapter 7, and was searching for it, and couldn’t find the exact affirmation.

In my recording, there is a blank space, and so I think it may be missing a word, but here it is:

“all financial doors are now open to me, all financial channels are now free to me, divine substance now (quickly?) manifests for me”

I think the blank word may me ‘quickly’, since I can hear the last syllable, pronounced as ‘e’.

A similar version I have found is this:

“All financial doors are open, all financial channels are free and endless bounty now comes to me.”

Though they are very similar, I like to get the wording with scientific prayers and affirmations exact when possible.

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