Whats the difference for someone that immediately feels what I am saying?

First you need a core belief that life is on my side. The universe wants for me what I want for myself. I am worthy and capable of the states and qualities that I desire. Of the freedom that I desire.

There is no place in this universe for I cannot. You can create the illusion of I cannot.

Knowing life is on your side, know that you cannot fail, you cannot go wrong, you cannot make a mistake. You can only learn, you can only expand, you can only notice that something is not working out for you. Therefore, fine-tune what it is you do desire.

Give up your thoughts that think they know what this is all about.

Know that life is on your side. Know that you’re worthy because there is only one (source) and you are its creation. You are worthy of everything you desire and everything you desire is immediately activated in your consciousness and it tries naturally and effortless to bring into your life all the things that you are inspired to experience. The universe wants what you want for yourself. Because there is no difference between what the universe wants and what you truly desire. Its the same one flow. It is the universe, it is the greater self that makes you feel desire to begin with. It wants to express itself as efficiently as it can. So it feeds you desires that you are able to attract and experience. But it needs to respect your free will. If you insist that you are unworthy, that what you are desiring is lacking right now, that worthiness of what you desire is lacking right now, you will attract more reflections that will only continue to anchor in the belief that everything is missing right now. But if you surrender your arrogance, as if you don’t know who you are, what you are worthy of, what you are capable of, as if you have no clue how limited or how expansive you actually are; and they only make you feel seperate from all that you are, and let go to the abundance that is here right now, the infinity that is surrounding you. Then things will effortlessly show up without any work whatsoever, without any struggle whatsoever. It does not require anything on your part except to know your natural state, of infinite worth.

Feel that you are loved, know that the universe is on your side. To know that there is only one and all that you desire is what all that is desires of itself.

You cannot go wrong, you cannot make mistakes, you cannot be lacking anything. If you can trust in this, enjoy the moment, the best feeling state that you have access to every moment, bumping it up, feeling more amazed, and more humbled, and more loved, and more worthy and more receiving, and more…..infinite.
More at ease. More confident. More convinced. More cleansed, more resistance free, more forgiven. If you feel all these things, you will see, you will be convinced, you will see as life sees, you will act as life acts, you will feel as life feels, and you will bring into your experience what is already there to being with anyway.

When you let go of all resistance, then the thought I am unworthy, I am incapable, I am limited, will go as well, and as soon it goes, your vision is cleansed, and you see as your higher self has always already seen you. And you will feel as your higher self has always already felt.

The only thing preventing all you desire from entering your consciousness is the arrogant belief, that you are separate, that you are lacking, that you are unworthy.

Let life flow through you a little bit more. You have always been taken care of but not by your arrogance. Not by what your parents taught you; none of that has kept you safe over the years.

It’s not that hard. It’s the easiest thing you can do. All you need to do is be willing to be done with the stupidity that has kept you small and in pain. To manage your life is the struggle.

Give yourself a break. Try it out. If this doesn’t work for you in the timespan of 48hrs, I will resign. Give it a try. Just relax. Within 48hrs you will achieve miraculous manifestations, you will be amazed and at the same time not, at your capacity to attract what you desire. You might ask yourself, how did I do that? But you won’t care because that’s another way to struggle. Asking how is another way to build up arrogance.

Give it a try, or in a way stop trying altogether and let it be done for you. Just relax. Make your only effort, to feel no effort. Knowing that all effort fails you. When you see very clearly in your conscious consciousness that all the effort has only failed you – (not passion, not inspiration, not motivation, not ambition, not dreaming, not having visions, not being excited) – but all effort, all feelings of struggle; have only been you swimming upstream against your own current of abundance. And freedom and joy, and infinite worth. So let your only effort be, let your only maintenance be to not feel any control. To completely surrender all control. And let the ease of the river of your higher self show you, in the timespan of 48hrs, confirm to you, prove to you, make you convinced of the fact that ease is the creator of what you want, and struggle is the creator of what you do not want.

Ease is the way to know yourself in ways that you want, expansive ways. And struggle and effort and self-judgement and blame, thinking you know so well, what you should be thinking, feeling, what you should have done and felt; only leads to the realizations of yourself that you don’t want to experience.

Ironically you have to give up trying to know, not wanting to know, but trying to know. When you simply trust in the natural timing of ease, when you trust in the power that is, within the ease of being here now and maintaining only non-maintenance, efforting only to feel no effort. When you let that ease take over, ease will take over your life and the manifestations will be brought to you within the timespan of 48hrs, will blow your puny little mind.

When you blow your puny little arrogant mind, you will know love. You will know infiniteness, and you will know more of who you are, and you will know it in an instant. It will be simple. It will not be a process of endless, endless, endless self-discovery. The absolute knowingness of you who you are, which is unconditional light, which is infinite worth, which is endless love, which is perfect forgiveness, always, all the time, already accomplished here and now. Timeless perfection is what you are. You will know that instantly. Without time lag.

In that instant of total let-go, when you die to yourself when you give up what you think you know so well, which has never served you for even a second; you will know who it is that you are. You will know bliss. You will feel it. Instantaneously, you will be unable to go back to your previous level of stupidity. You will be more and more abundant; you will match the energy and generate a reality that matches the dream that you knew you came here to create and mold out of this physical clay that we call physical energy. Which it is not. It is an illusion. That’s why it can change within the timeframe of 48hrs.

If you try to strive your way into ease, if you try to judge and blame yourself, into self-love, then you will probably not see the results that I am talking about.

But if you let your arrogance die completely, and give life a chance for 48hrs to take care of your life for you. What can happen in 48hrs of not managing your life? See what happens…

You will feel so safe, in the entirety of the energy that is you, not just the physical body, you will feel at one with the floor, you’ll feel at one with the partner that is abusing you, you’ll feel at one with your parents, you’ll feel at one with the dead; you’ll feel at one with all that is.

This reality is all dreamed up by you by your higher self I AM consciousness. Your body is not your physical body; your body is all energy, the whole world.

So when you give up protecting yourself, the vibration that you give off is ease, love, confidence, conviction, faith, trust. And life, your body can only respond to that, your environment, your circumstances, which is you, which is your energy, can only respond to that vibration, a reflection of peace, love, joy and safety. And a sense of union with it.

Its like laying a warm pond, with no critters, nothing that can harm you and laying there for 15minutes knowing nothing can harm you. You will feel that safe in every situation in your life. When facing bankruptcy, or facing a bear.

See no more point in maintaining your struggle, your armor, your arrogance, your lack beliefs. It will disappear, and you will know on an unconditional level, for yourself, conclusive of all other beings. You will know the ultimate safety. You will feel perfect, yet ready for more.

So prioritize the vibrational feeling you have in this moment because it will determine the next few hours of your physical experience. You are constantly creating your future.

How can you not be safe if all there is, is more of you? More of your high self-loving you.
Let all sense of unworthiness slide off of you.

Don’t do anything that does not feel good. Don’t believe in anything that does not feel good. Don’t think a single thought that does not feel good. Don’t entertain a single belief that does not feel good. All that is arrogance. Anything that does not feel good is arrogance and only arises so that you can let go of it, not so you can perpetuate it. When something arises that does not feel good, embrace it by feeling good about not feeling good.
It’s a signal that you are allowed; you are given permission from the highest source in the universe to let go of it safely. If something feels bad, it’s the higher self-letting you know that it is safe to let go of this thought. It’s safe to let go of this belief. Its safe to not do this right now.

You will create abundance by following the stream, of ease, that’s why it feels easeful.

Letting go of what does not feel good cleanses your misperception and into alignment with your higher self, and you become more enlightened. TA-DA, you become more awake, TA-DA, you feel more empowered TA-DA, you feel more inseparable from all that is, TA-DA.

All the things you desire are effortless and can be achieved completely and fully, to the fullest, of what’s relevant for you to experience right now…within the next 48hrs.

The degree with you are ready to trust, is the degree to which you’ll accelerate how deeply, how intimately, you’ll know your indestructible connection to your true self. How deeply do you dare to trust over the next 48hrs?

How bored to death are you with arrogance? Thinking you know better than this infinite power. Are you keeping your molecules together spinning on this earth, going 1600lk/m an hour? Let alone the spinning motion of the galaxy. Are you doing all that? If so, go ahead to continue to be arrogant, because then you’re right. If you do not keep your molecules together, every single nanosecond, if you are not the one actively, consciously managing your breath, your heart beat, if you are not managing the rotation of this milky way galaxy right now, if you’re not consciously maintaining that, then you’re not consciously maintaining anything; but the way that you feel and interpret all that has been created by your higher consciousness. So let your higher consciousness take care of you as well. As it takes care of the spinning of the galaxy.

Let in the goodness that we are. Let infinite intelligence give us what we want. Because we’re worthy of it and we desire it, because it desires it for itself, through all portions of itself. That’s how it attracts what it wants.

Remember infinite worth. Its logical. You’re not keeping your body together right now. Your trillions of cells are not flying off into space. You’re not managing gravity. Which means you’re not that intelligent and vast. Which means its relevant for you to explore this level of consciousness. And you cannot do that if you really believe that you have to take care of yourself. Trust instead. Have faith instead. Feel expanded instead.

Why isn’t life on my side? Because you’re not on your side…

All you have to manage is feeling good. It is the only task that you’ve been given. Feel as receptive of infinite abundance as you can possibly be. Feel as trusting as you can be. That is your only job as a human being that makes sense for you to have.

Let go of anything that pops up that feels tense or struggle. Don’t even go into it for the next 48hrs, as soon as a thought comes up that feels bad, feels like a struggle, feels like it comes from you thinking you know what’s going to happen and what you need to do in order for it to happen, in order to keep yourself safe because you’re ‘managing all your molecules’ so you should also manage your job (haha).. Just instantaneously remember that it has never served you, it is rooted in stupidity, not intelligence; contraction, not infinite abundance. Then choose the opposite (sigh of relief). And by simply already deciding to let go of it at the first moment you notice it, that already puts you in the state of abundant joy.

If you catch yourself in that moment where you think you know better than the infinite, then you can bounce back up into alignment. And you can say, I almost went down the rabbit hole.

Be grateful that negative feeling reminded you to be conscious once again.

Remember that ease creates what you want, somehow, magically, just let it do its job. Being in ease will attract everything you need to get done and do and have created for yourself. Without having thought you knew better than the mechanics that keep every galaxy of billions of stars and beings together, you not questioning that authority, simply trusting that the way it communicates to you what is the most efficient way to go about things, is what feels the easiest, the most joyful, the most pleasurable, the most exciting.

What truly gives me joy in this moment, what feels completely aligned in this moment, what do I really want to do. Somehow magically everything gets done.

I’m not saying you won’t be doing anything, but it will be out of joy, it will be inspired. Effortless, spontaneous, effortless action.

Honor what you desire, otherwise you’re not honoring the union that creates all that there is. Honor what you feel. Honor what you want. Honor what feels amazing.

Everything is already in your field, already accomplished. Allow expansion.

Love yourself. Fuck it. Give it a shot. For the first time ever, give it a shot. For the next 48hrs.