“There Is Nothing That Will Empty Your Pocket Faster Than The Ungrateful, Cynical State Of Mind”

Then she follows this statement with the solution: “But when you cast off bitterness and resentment through declaring words of praise, your bounty increases, your prosperity increases”.

I liked this affirmation from Pray and Grown Rich, in Chapter 7, and was searching for it, and couldn’t find the exact affirmation.

In my recording, there is a blank space, and so I think it may be missing a word, but here it is:

“all financial doors are now open to me, all financial channels are now free to me, divine substance now (quickly?) manifests for me”

I think the blank word may me ‘quickly’, since I can hear the last syllable, pronounced as ‘e’.

A similar version I have found is this:

“All financial doors are open, all financial channels are free and endless bounty now comes to me.”

Though they are very similar, I like to get the wording with scientific prayers and affirmations exact when possible.

From the Introduction:

‘Prayer is the only action you can take that makes things different from the inside out. This is because physical action releases the weakest form of energy, where as mental and spiritual action releases the highest form.’

‘This is one of the purposes of prayer: to change your thinking, which in turn, changes your world.’

‘You may not feel the force of prayer because it operates at a higher vibration, than that ordinarily felt by man.’

Chapter 2:

‘When your prayers seem to not be answered, it is often because the answer is going to be bigger and better than you had anticipated. ‘

Chapter 3:

‘God always says yes, but we have to make contact for the answer to appear.’

Here are some handwritten notes written by Esmeralda:

Esmeralda and I just listened to Chapter 10 of Pray & Grow Rich by Catherine Ponder, and both felt that this is a missing piece in both of our intentions of manifestation and communing with God/Source.

Esmeralda took the time to write out the directions Catherine offers in practicing silence.

She also suggests just starting with 2-3 minutes in silence, and doing it in the morning, various times through the day, and at night before sleep.

Catherine Ponder Directions For Practicing Silence

1. Relax your mind and body: I relax and let go. I let go and let God.

2. Turn your attention within, closing your eyes and quieting the mind. ‘I am relaxed in mind and body.’

3. Dwell upon the nature and presence of God, there by establishing contact: ‘There is only one presence and one power. God’s goodness is right here within me now’.

4. Continue to still your random thoughts by saying to them: ‘Peace, be still.’

5. Then listen. If no concise revelation or impression comes, give thanks for perfect results, and when you have experienced an inner feeling of peace, satisfaction, serenity and a sense of well being, conclude your silence period.

6. Conclude your silence period with a word of thanks for divine fulfillment. ‘Father, I thank the that thou heardest me and thou hearest me always.’ Or, ‘It’s done.’ The perfect finished result, now manifests.


1. I do not depend upon persons or conditions for my prosperity. I bless persons as channels of my prosperity, but God is the Source of my supply. God provides His own amazing channels of supply to me now.
2. I am the rich child of a loving Father so I dare to prosper now!


1. I dissolve in my own mind, and in the minds of all others, any idea that my own can be withheld from me. No person, thing or event can keep that from me which the universe has for me now.
2. My financial income cannot be limited now. The rich substance of the universe now frees me from all financial limitation.
3. I know that release is magnetic. Through the act of release, I draw to myself my own. I now fully and freely release. I loose and let go. I let go and grow. I let go and trust.
4. I now let go worn out things, worn out conditions, worn out relationships. Divine order is now established and maintained in me and in my world.
5. All that has offended me, I forgive. Within and without, I forgive. Things past, things present, things future, I forgive. I forgive everything and everybody who can possibly need forgiveness of the past or of the present. I forgive positively everyone. I am free and they are free too. All things are cleared up between us now and forever.


1. Vast improvement comes quickly in every phase of my life now. Every day in every way, things are getting better and better for me now.
2. I invite the wealth of the universe to manifest richly in my financial affairs now. I am rich in mind and manifestation now.
3. I am beautifully and appropriately supplied, clothed, housed and transported with the rich substance of the universe now.
4. I have a large, steady, dependable permanent financial income now. Every day in every way I am growing more and more financial prosperous now.
5. Large sums of money, big happy financial surprises, and rich appropriate gifts now come to me under grace in perfect ways for my personal use, and I use them wisely.
6. I give thanks for a quick and substantial increase in my financial income now.
7. I use the positive power of wisdom, love and good judgment in handling all my financial affairs now.
8. I am rich, well and happy and every phase of my life is in divine order now.
9. I praise my world now. I praise my financial affairs now. All the wealth that has not come to me past is manifesting richly for me now.
10. The enormous sums of money that are mine by divine right now manifest for me quickly and in peace.
11. Divine love, working through substance, prospers my financial affairs making me fee, rich and financially independent now. I am financially independent now.
12. I give thanks for the immediate complete payment of all financial obligations now, quickly and in peace.
13. I am receiving. I am receiving now. I am receiving all the wealth that the universe has for me now.
14. All that the rich substance of the universe has for me now comes to me speedily, richly, and freely. MY rich good now comes to me quickly and in peace.


1. Since giving is the first step in receiving, my giving makes me rich.
2. I bless all that I have and all that I hope to have now. I bless all that I have and look with wonder at its increase now.
3. Voluntary, faithful tithing of my whole income now activates the law of ever-increasing prosperity for me. I now tithe my way to prosperity.
4. I freely give my tenth to God and I reap a hundredfold.
5. I now tithe to the spiritual organizations (or individuals in spiritual work) from which I am receiving help and inspiration.
6. I now move forward into my expanded good divinely directed. All things conform to the right thing now.
7. I am now guided into my true place with the true people and with my true prosperity now.