Get up every morning and say: ‘Lord I want to thank you, that you’re opening up your sky vaults today, raining down favor, lavishing me with good things’.
You need to announce to the skinny goat today: ‘I’m sorry, but our relationship is over’
Don’t seek the provision, seek the provider, money is simply a tool to accomplish your destiny, and to advance His Kingdom.
You need to start seeing yourself as the top dog (not living off of leftovers, not being to able to afford what you want etc.)
Come over to the land of more than enough, it starts in your thinking, give God permission to increase you, and lavish you with good things.
Here’s the key: you have to permit God to prosper you
Why don’t you get in agreement and say:
‘God, I’m ready, I’m a giver, I have an abundant mentality, Lord I want to thank you for good measure,
pressed down, shaken together and runnin over in my life’
Be thankful, right where you are, thanking God, that you’re coming into overflow
never speak negative words about yourself, your family, don’t give negative words life by speaking them out.
Say: I’m strong, I’m healthy, I make good decisions, I am secure, I am talented, I am creative, I am disciplined, I am focused, I am valuable,
I am beautiful, I am blessed, I am excited about my future, I am victorious
Get rid of that skinny goat, and start having a fatted calf mentality
If you’re gonna become everything God’s created you to be, you gotta make up your mind you are not gonna settle for beans and rice,
you are not gonna get stuck in the land of barely enough, or the land of just enough,
but you’re gonna keep praying, believing, expecting, hoping, dreaming, working, being faithful, until you make it all the way in,
to the land of more than enough.
Quit telling yourself ‘this is all I’ll ever have’, let go of that and have abundant mentality: 
‘this is not where I’m staying, I’m blessed, I’m prosperous, I’m headed to overflow, to the land of more than enough’.
Don’t go around thinking that you’ll never get ahead, you’ll never live in a nice place, you’ll never have enough to accomplish your dreams
All through the day, meditate on these thoughts: God takes pleasure in prospering me, abundance, overflow, more than enough.
If you’re in the land of barely enough, don’t you dare settle there, that is where you are, not who you are.
No matter what it looks like, you have this abundant mentality, keep reminding yourself: ‘God takes pleasure in prospering me, I am the head and never the tail.
In the natural, you don’t see a way, but that’s not your job; your job is to believe
When you’re in tough times and it looks like you’re never going to break out, you’ve got to say, “I won’t be staying here long. This may be where I am but it is not who I am. I am blessed.”