If one person tells you this is the way, and another tells you this is the way, then you are in Babel; a city of confusion on the pathway of the spirit.

The first principle that you can always fall back on when you are in doubt is ‘Be still, and know that I am God’.

No matter what happens, turn within and be still. Know that your awareness is God, and that all things are possible to you. test yourself, and you will prove this statement in the testing. then you will be free from your former limitations of belief.

No matter what is happening on the outside, turn to the first principle.

Start by being still. then claiming, I am God.

Ask yourself, is this true?

You will never know the truth until you test it

Relax. Be still and question yourself, saying: “Are you really God?”

Address yourself as though you were two. “If you are God and can do all things, prove it to me by giving me my desire so I can feel its presence now.”

See if he will prove himself in performance and when he does, do it again.

Keep on asking and when he proves himself here on this level, then let these things which can’t be put to the test come through, for they will.

I had an inspiring conversation with Nevillution, who has a YouTube channel mostly devoted to the teachings of Neville Goddard, and after our conversation, I asked her permission to post it since I thought it was filled with many great insights:


You left a comment on the four month update video? I see one now that YouTube had held back and I now approved it. Are you username “There is no spoon”? 


Yes that’s me. I actually was inspired by you with the first video I posted on the channel as well, where I read from a book 🙂


Wow  pleasure to meet you. Checking out your videos now as I write ^_^


That’s awesome 🙂

The idea to start that channel came the other day like a flash of insight,
one reason being to deepen my understanding on some topics,
and also to have somewhere that some stuff I enjoy is all in one place.

Then after reading that part of the book in my video,
I remembered your channel, as I have listened to your videos in the past.

Interestingly, we really don’t talk about this very much, but my sister and I have the same intention with the lottery,
and we have had it for a number of years now, and literally talk about it every day.

We are at a point where we are surprised that we haven’t won yet, and hopefully that isn’t a contradiction of our intention,
since we are fine tuning our thought process, balancing between the concept that it is already done,
along with the idea that we are still intending to manifest it, which I think you understand.

It is nice to connect with someone who is genuinely committed to this, like we are.

We both realized something fascinating recently. Neither of us has a specific career idea for the future,
and it occurred to us both, that that even makes more sense, that we are going to win.

Whereas that could almost seem to be a bad thing, but we saw it as a positive thing.

I could go on and on about that topic.

Another cool thing is that my sister has a goal of 116 lbs, and her initial lottery amount was 25 million.

She actually presented the whole lottery thing to me in a way a few years ago where I was like, wow, this really makes sense of everything.

Anyways, I figured I would talk a bit more about these aspects via email as opposed to as a comment,
since we share a common goal, and I find that so cool!


Yeah that’s how I started my channel. I remember when I had 0 subs lol. It was slow starting then started to pick up out of nowhere. I was just doing it to learn even when I had 0 subs in the beginning.

That’s so lovely to share this intention with your sister and inspire each other. It reminds me a little of Cynthia Stafford and how the winning was shared with I believe her father and brother.
You and your sister probably already know her story? https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=xo3UF3zkOAU

I am in the same boat. I would just like to be a mystic, to master what Neville taught and to Wake from this dream yet still be here to play. Like the way we think we’re awake now but sometimes escape and watch movies, etc. I often thought Neville’s Promise was like Eastern mystics Enlightenment, the all-knowing, ever-new, continuous Bliss.

It’d be like going through this wake-dream we call reality kind of in God-mode.

Yeah I’ve experienced that too, you think you’re doing everything right but sometimes get the opposite outcomes. Sometimes Neville said it was putting forth too much effort so we get “more effort.” We can imagine something but deep down we have certain beliefs but if we can continue to imagine he is teaching we can break through those beliefs. Of course, we have to learn to imagine properly…but practice makes perfect and regularly studying teachings like Neville.

Lets keep on keeping on


That’s so cool. I ended up creating a few more channels since I felt my main one was too scattered on topics, and as I went over 1 million views,
I felt I should do something. Now I have a few more channels on various topics, and yet this topic is possibly the nearest to my heart.

Oh yes we know Cynthia. She’s tweeted back to me on Twitter haha.

Here are some notes my sister organized after I compiled them fro that video you linked 🙂

Cynthia’s Commandments:

You gotta be really clear when you say you’re gonna do what you plan to do.
Be positive, because what you put out, will come back, always.
The bible says to forgive your enemies, you do have to forgive if you expect to receive your blessings.
Always speak things with positive energy, you have to feel it strongly.
Be your best cheerleader, cheer yourself on, see yourself as like, the best on this planet.
Don’t have people around you that wanna pull you down, because they will do that, you just have to look at them and say ‘they’re not on the same level that I’m on, and God bless you’,
in fact, say prayers for them, and keep moving on. Release them, let em go, and keep moving, and have a smile on your face.
If you say you want something for free, be that, you want something right now, say you want it now, don’t put it off into the future,
cuz the mind hears you, and the subconscious mind doesn’t take jokes.
We have to be careful of what we say.
You have to be that person to say ‘I’m gonna be the next star, or whatever’.
You have to choose what you want to be, and the mind will open those doors for you, and so will spirit.
When you wanna manifest something, don’t ask how, just put it out there, don’t ask how it’s gonna happen.
Be prepared, study wealth, study wealthy people.
Make friends with wealth.
Become comfortable with wealth, when you’re uncomfortable with wealth, it won’t stay, it’s an energy.
Never give up, never listen to no, never listen to can’t.
I tell people ‘don’t buy a ticket and say I probably won’t win’, yeah you’re not gonna win.
You have to believe that you’re going to be the one to receive it.

What She Does:

For manifesting – I visualize, I see it, I first see what it is that I want (cuz as you see it, so shall it be)
I visualize all the time, I visualized all the time that I was gonna be holding a check with $112,000,000.00 written across it,
I even visualized myself wearing my little favorite green top.
I remember thinking: ‘I’m gonna wear that top, I’m gonna hold that check, and I’m gonna be so happy’,
cuz that which you put your strongest feeling into, has to manifest, it has to, good or bad,
so why not manifest your best, and that’s what I strive to do all the time
I strive to think positive, at ALL times, even when things don’t seem so positive
I switch my thoughts, we have to in life, because if we don’t, those thoughts that are bugging you, will have a way of manifesting in your life.
I just started saying I’m wealthy, I started singing it.
I say I’m happy.
I always strive to be in the positive.
I don’t allow the negative around me.
I wake up every day and I say ‘Today is a good day’
I’m constantly saying that I’m blessed.
Every breath I take, I’m saying that I’m powerful.
I say that I’m healthy.
I say to myself: ‘I’m the most brilliant person on the planet’, because what you say, is what your mind believes.
I don’t give up.
Whatever it is you want in life, you have to see yourself there, and that’s what I did.
I know that if it wasn’t for keeping the faith and the belief – I kept believing it, I kept seeing myself holding that check,
and knowing that it was gonna happen.
I visualized it, and did a little meditation, and $112,000,000.00 came to me, and I said ‘OK, that’s what I’ll go for’.
$112,000,000.00 was a number I just randomly picked, I said: ‘well, that sounds good’,
I wrote it down on a sheet of paper, meditated on it until I no longer felt the need to meditate, and it happened.
It changed my life tremendously, I’m able to do the things I’ve always wanted.
After my brother died, I was about to lose my home, I had just lost the kids back to the system – I had a choice
whether to be positive, or to go into depression, and I knew I needed to be positive – a month later, Mother’s Day, May 11, 2007, I won.
I just kinda stood and cried for a minute, and thought: ‘OK, this is awesome’, I didn’t faint, though I kinda felt like I was close to it.
I visualized it, I wrote the number down (I think that’s real important to write your goals down), so I said ‘well, I’m gonna set this as a goal for myself’.
I just wrote $112,000,000.00 on a sheet of paper, and put the paper on my wall, and would look at the paper all the time,
and just knew that if I kept seeing it, believing it, it will happen.
When the lottery (I call it the gift) came through, we split it because it was part of all of our efforts.
I am a believer that we can have whatever it is we want in life, and I wanted to have more,
I wanted to show the children that you can have more, that you can have whatever it is that you believe in,
and so I set about the task of invoking it

Cynthia’s Insights:

How we think with our minds is so important
Our minds are very powerful – As you think, so it is
I don’t watch negative TV, I only watch news when I think it’s pertinent, because those things you put on your mind, have a way of showing up.
As you think, so shall it be
After losing the kids, what I remembered was, I have to be positive, have to stay in that mindset
What I’ve realized in life, everything just comes when you need it, and sometimes it just comes serendipitously
God always knows when we need things, and we just have to trust, and let go, you just have to have that trust
(that’s what I had to do, on my faith walk, to win the lottery and help me get to where I am today).
Whatever it is that you want, the sooner it is that you understand that… I may not have much right now, that don’t mean anything,
because I’m wealthy, the moment you start saying to yourself ‘I am wealthy’, wealth comes to you.
Wealth is an energy, just like poverty is an energy, when you say you’re poor, it will circulate in your life.
I’m constantly being blessed.
Satan is out there to make us believe we are not powerful, and can’t have the things that we want.
We’re not here to be less than, we’re here to be the best.
As you say it, so shall it be – that’s what I say all the time.
God can only be in your life when you allow Him to be in your life.
It is great to understand the power of the mind, and how powerful the mind can be.
What you say, is what you will receive.
At first it wasn’t easy to decide what to do with the money, I was like a kid in the candy store.
Wealth will stay around you when you say you’re wealthy.
When you give yourself, you’re always gonna be rewarded, ALWAYS.
The way to win is to visualize.
I’m a believer that if you give of yourself, you receive.
For winners: ‘breathe, take your time making financial decisions, don’t rush into anything,
just take your time to experience what’s happening because your life is definitely going to change.
Winning the lottery can open up many opportunities, but again, take your time to enjoy what has been given.

Side note: Her company is called Queen Nefertari productions – Nefertari is one of the best known Egyptian queens, next to Cleopatra.

I too have detected quite a few parallels between Neville, and Eastern ideas. He was friends with Joseph Murphy,
and I think they both studied with Abdullah. I am pretty sure Joseph studied Eastern thought, and kind of ties them together.

I honestly don’t have a clear feeling of what doing everything right is. I have read so many books and heard so many ideas, it is kind of confusing,
although I do see more of what they all have in common I think.

I struggle with visualization for some reason, and also choosing one specific thing or circumstance.

For example, visualizing being a millionaire lottery jackpot winner doesn’t come easy to me. Then I may ask myself, what is it I really want here?

and then I may think Abraham Hicks style, about how it is truly the feeling place etc., and kind of go in circles,
although at this point, I have circled around those topics so often, in a philosophical way,
that i know for me, it is actually money specifically that i want. Not all I want, but absolutely millions of dollars.

But yes, doing everything right in the way to have the pieces in place to be successful, I do feel I’ve done everything right in that sense, and it is very odd,
both my partners are even millionaires themselves, and many of our associates, so its not like some lofty ideal that is off in the sunset for me 🙂

Wow! That is a fascinating insight, about putting forth too much effort, bringing us more effort. My mind is literally pretty much on this stuff 7 days a week so that is interesting.

Well, I think my reply is long enough.

Yes, let’s keep on keeping on 🙂


Oh wow cool she tweeted you.

Well, right is whatever works for you 😀

Hmm maybe you might feel (touch) or hear things more easily than visualizing?

I hear it quite a bit from people who message me that s/he visualized something and forgot about it and then it showed up in his/her life some time later, often to a tee. But I have heard, though not as often, some cases where someone imagined up until the point of receiving what they wanted too. But Neville would often say if you felt it real enough you won’t feel the desire to imagine again what you already spiritually feel  you already have. You just have to impress the subconscious mind enough and you’ll know because you’ll probably end up letting it go at some point. If the imagining doesn’t gel then you’ll be wanting to imagine again or worrying so repeat as many times as it takes he’d say.


Thanks for all the insightful thoughts.

I can say that I don’t feel like it is real (the lottery etc.), so I suppose there is no mystery there 🙂

Perhaps I do just need to look more into imagining.

I often think the answers we seek are simpler than we make them out to be.


You’re very welcome.

BTW I love the name of your YT channel, so perfect ^^

I can feel its real for a moment, I can forget myself like when we watch a movie or how an actress who becomes the role BUT awareness of lack of having what I want is mroe natural as its in my face everyday so I guess it’s about learning detachment and discipline. Sounds easy but regardless must try and find the hacks and imagine that too is easy 😀

I know rational way we’ve known for what seems all our life often makes the easiest things so complicated. We have to be that renegade and get a little comfortable with being uncomfortable but in a different way. Like how Neville sometimes said wearing a new state until it feels natural is like wearing a corset for the first time, it’s uncomfortable and you’re very aware of the discomfort at first.

I guess it’s sometimes confusing because someone can imagine something once or twice and it comes but it isn’t always like that for other things, especially things that feel big. Maybe that’s why they feel big because its reflecting stronger older states that are so woven into out beingness we have trouble divorcing the old state.

Keep practicing and keep studying like any skill mastered. Although prodigies can exist as in anything, imagine as a prodigy.


I love these insights, thanks so much!

The Matrix was one of my favorite movies, it’s so enlightened. I once heard somewhere that The Matrix is a documentary, not a story.

You made me think of how sometimes I think to myself, should I just imagine something smaller, or even something general,
like a few million in the bank?

My sister and I have often talked about that, and we have done some serious analysis, for hours and hours,
and we literally agree every time, that winning the lottery makes sense of EVERYTHING.

Where, right now, for both of us, not much makes sense. And we both live lives now that would make plenty of people jealous,
and we aren’t even dissatisfied or anything like that, we are both very grateful, and feel blessed in many ways.

I love examples, like how you can watch a movie, and feel that is real, or as Neville suggests, imagine holding a tennis ball, then a golf ball etc.,
I can do that with ease.

I definitely have strong, old states that are woven into my being.

I like the prodigy idea 🙂


Yeah try it all, whatever feels right, sometimes it might change and go back because we are ever-expanding. To ever-expand we sometimes contract again to be able to ever-expand.

Yes winning the lottery makes sense! Once I wondered why so many  in LOA groups have this wish but few if any in these groups win the big one. But if everyone is a reflection of us, us pushed outward then it doesn’t matter. It is an issue within us to set right to be in alignment with the win. Feeling is always telling us if we are in line or fell out of line. I am just trying to find the hack to quickly and permanently stay in alignment and have everything I want, state o f mind and reflected in this life experience. You too, same/similar… right? 😀

Yes Neville often said forgive others and separate them from the state they are…same goes for ourselves. We so became the old state that it became home, maybe not the home we exactly want and trying to move into a new state (new home) is shadowy at first and we must test Neville’s words and find the way to make it concrete imaginatively. I do energy work I didn’t know would work or not but try it and I go to the the same things I do each day but something is different…you know then something is breaking through. Persist.

Do you like the EFT tapping?
Sometimes it is hard for me to visualize too. Sometimes it’s not! Like I imagined a big black spider walking across corner of my bed and it was so intense and out of control I got shivers. An hour or so later it happened exactly, a big black spider walked across the very corner of my bed lol. Now learn to transfer that to the lottery, learn to feel that as intensely for a moment and it instantly/soon outpicture.

Like when I put a dream in my boyfriend and he called an hour and said he dreamed of me. He only dreamed once of me in 11 months and only on the day I chose for him to dream of me. I imagined putting a color that represented that in an imaginary him before me. At the end of this EFT tapping he does that with the color but brings it over him. You can sub out the $100,000 for whatever you want. I did it a handful of times to this video and then I stopped using the video. I wrote my own tapping out I am experimenting with. i don’t do as many repeats of sentences as he does and I Nevillize what he says…put it in present tense, already done and giving thanks. I thought to make a video but instead I feel to share with you and time to time to certain commenters.

Eventually I will when the time is right and I am fully ripe. I lose tense here to communicate to you but in my tapping it is already so.
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=7K8SdWRwBoo


So I was just talking with my sister, and decided it would be cool if we started a site where we have these types of convos, since we have them every day.

Would it be cool with you if I posted this awesome conversation as an article on the website?

I just created it, so there isn’t much on it, and also just added a forum.

This is the site: http://www. auspiciousness.org/

Its just really simple, but i hope that we can keep adding inspired convos to it, as I was thinking how cool it would be if they were all in one place.

you can see our convo from this morning. and this conversation we are having, I would love to be able to go back and read it again and again 🙂

I don’t even have specific ideas for the site, but I can tell you are really committed to this, as we are, and it would be awesome to have a place to share insights etc.

And yes, similar to me, with staying in alignment with everything i want, yes. I recently noticed as I am just going about my day,
that things that I want, such as preferences etc., are typically not on my mind, in a subtle way, and realizing that helped me to remember those things,
similar to The Little Red Book list, type of thing.

That’s crazy about the spider. I had something similar with a check engine light in my Jeep, where I was thinking how I don’t want that,
and then I thought, it would be nice if it just went away, and then it did, which seemed pretty amazing since it was on for a few weeks.

I am familiar with EFT tapping, but I haven’t done that in a while. I am open to it 🙂


Did you ever think about making a FB page? I have a friend who is really interested in making a FB page where people can help each other. I wonder if you could all admin it together. Her YouTube is here https://www.youtube.com/ channel/ UCeXVRZsO9ONLSuckqzLDFqA

The Little Red Book list? I am not too familiar with that. Is that AA book? Yeah finding aids to keep us in the state 😀

Oh cool website, checking it out now and the $100K story. I don’t usually go to individual websites, I often just go to the big two, YouTube and maybe Facebook, easier keep track of everything in one place or two.

I will let you know how the EFT is going!

Then that was pretty much the end of our convo 🙂

The moment you assume it, all of your limiting beliefs, all of the hard facts of life, all of the evidences of your senses rush to fight your new assumption.

At first you feel the bliss of having it, but soon you start to doubt it, then fear comes and you are back at square one.

All of the teachings of LOA lack this simple step. How do you dare?

First you must accept that everything that you want already exists within your consciousness. You are not creating anything new. You are the spirit and your spirit is all. but in your physical reality, you only get a small piece of this all, that you consciousness has accepted to be true. Your ONLY job is to convince your consciousness that you are already what you desire to be.

There is only the eternal NOW and the eternal ‘here’ where ever you go and whenever it is, you only experience it NOW and HERE.

When Neville says ‘DARE’ to assume it, it means whatever your current life situation is, drop it, from this moment on, think from the state of your wish fulfilled and take the consciousness of this wish fulfilled with you in every ‘NOW and HERE’.

No matter WHAT your senses tell you, no matter what news you get, no matter what people tell you, no matter what happens, you hijack your consciousness and fill it with one and only thing: ‘I already AM what I want to be’. Not tomorrow, not next week, not anytime in the future, but NOW.

Do this for the next 24 hrs, every ‘now and here’ be in your consciousness what you desire to be, and see how EVERY cell in your body is filled with mind blowing bliss. Do NOT look for proof of your wish fulfillment, set this as your ONLY GOAL. Feel the bliss in every moment for the next 24 hrs. Do NOT fear anything, do not doubt anything, live as though it has already happened.