This is a topic that has thrown me off for some time, ever since their passing. As Abraham Hicks would put it, their croaking, and Abraham makes light of the idea of death, that it isn’t such a bad thing etc.

I was disturbed when I heard of the passing of Jerry Hicks, after having listened to the Abraham Hicks content, and read their books, for a number of years, and I would say I have been positively impacted by it, and am thankful for it.

That being said, Jerry passing away, on November 18, 2011. I don’t know how old he was, but I don’t think he was much older than 70 or so.

Hearing about that just felt like a contradiction to the essence of the Abraham Hicks’ teachings. Granted I know this is highly debated and people go around in circles about theories and philosophies about why it either makes sense or it doesn’t, and some go so far to look at this as if they are misleading people, like some kind of divine retribution.

I don’t have an answer as to why it may have happened. I just know it does seem counter to their teachings, yet I know life is full of things we don’t understand, and sometimes I think we would have to understand God to understand stuff like this.

But it did make me question stuff like this, and I have yet to understand it.

Then there is Wayne Dyer. He passed away on August 29, 2015 at the age of 75.

He was a relentless advocate about the ideas that we choose our circumstances, by how we think, and that anyone who has some kind of disease, in fact chose it one way or other.

I recall at some point, he was diagnosed with leukemia, and was then healed at a distance by John of God, in Brazil.

But then, what seemed not too long after that, I heard that he too had passed away.

That threw me off even more, because I have listened to so much Wayne Dyer over the years, it absolutely shaped how I lived my life, and still does to this day.

Anyways, here it is, years later, and I still don’t know what to think about either.

You could use spiritual ideas to argue that their times of deaths were not really early, but if you are familiar with their work and philosophies, it does seem like an early passing for them both, which I wrestle to grasp.

Anyways, recently I was reminded of this topic and decided to write a post about it.

I ran across a video with Esther Hicks (through whom Abraham is channeled), and Dr. Dyer even asks a question about when he passes, which was interesting.

He was also talking about when we go through hard times, which I can relate to right now.

I just ran across this in a video on the YouTube channel Spiritual Mind, and had to share it.

Dr. Dyer says just listen to this meditation.

I felt moved by it, so wanted to share it here:

“I know that I am pure spirit, that I always have been, and that I always will be.

There is inside me a place of confidence and quietness and security where all things are known and understood.

This is the Universal Mind, God, of which I am a part and which responds to me as I ask of it.

This Universal Mind knows the answer to all of my problems, and even now the answers are speeding their way to me.

I needn’t struggle for them; I needn’t worry or strive for them.

When the time comes, the answers will be there.

I give my problems to the great mind of God; I let go of them, confident that the correct answers will return to me when they are needed.

Through the great law of attraction, everything in life that I need for my work and fulfillment will come to me.

It is not necessary that I strain about this – ‘only believe’.

For in the strength of my belief, my faith will make it so.

I see the hand of Divine Intelligence all about me, in the flower, the tree, the brook, the meadow.

I know that the intelligence that created all these things is in me and around me and that I can call upon it for my slightest need.

I know that my body is a manifestation of pure spirit and that spirit is perfect; therefore my body is perfect also.

I enjoy life, for each day brings a constant demonstration of the power and wonder of the universe and myself.

I am confident. I am serene. I am sure.

No matter what obstacle or undesirable circumstance crosses my path, I refuse to accept it, for it is nothing but illusion.

There can be no obstacle or undesirable circumstance to the mind of God, which is in me, and around me, and serves me now.”

Very similar message to a few new thought pioneers like Joseph Murphy, Florence Scoval Shinn, Catherine Ponder et al.

Here is the video:


I was trying to recollect one of the quotes from the OM meditation by Dr. Wayne Dyer, as he was quoting the 12 ways of realizing God by Meher Baba, and found it.

I may add some of the others, but this is the one that I was trying to recollect:

Selfless Service:

Have the quality of selfless service, unaffected by results, similar to that of the sun, which serves the world by shining on all of creation, on the grass in the field, on the birds in the air, on the beasts in the forest, on all mankind with its sinner and its saint, its rich and its poor, unconscious of their attitude towards it, then you will win God.


I looked it up, and on it is actually called ’12 Ways Of Realizing Me’.

  1. LONGING … If you experience that same longing and thirst for Union with Me as one who has been lying for days in the hot sun of the Sahara experiences the longing for water, then you will realize Me.
  2. PEACE OF MIND … If you have the peace of a frozen lake, then too, you will realize Me.
  3. HUMILITY … If you have the humility of the earth which can be molded into any shape, then you will know Me.
  4. DESPERATION … If you experience the desperation that causes a man to commit suicide and you feel that you cannot live without seeing Me, then you will see Me.
  5. FAITH … If you have the complete faith that Kalyan had for his Master, in believing it was night, although it was day, because his Master said so, then you will know Me.
  6. FIDELITY … If you have the fidelity that the breath has in giving you company, even without your constantly feeling it, till the end of your life, that both in happiness and in suffering gives you company and never turns against you, then you will know Me.
  7. CONTROL THROUGH LOVE … When your love for Me drives away your lust for the things of the senses, then you realize Me.
  8. SELFLESS SERVICE … If you have the quality of selfless service unaffected by results, similar to that of the sun which serves the world by shining on all creation, on the grass in the field, on the birds in the air, on the beasts in the forest, on all mankind with its sinner and its saint, its rich and its poor, unconscious of their attitude towards it, then you will win Me.
  9. RENUNCIATION … If you renounce for Me everything physical, mental and spiritual, then you have Me.
  10. OBEDIENCE … If your obedience is spontaneous, complete and natural as the light is to the eye or smell is to the nose, then you come to Me.
  11. SURRENDER … If your surrender to Me is as wholehearted as that of one, who, suffering from insomnia, surrenders to sudden sleep without fear of being lost, then you have Me.
  12. LOVE … If you have that love for Me that St. Francis had for Jesus, then not only will you realize Me, but you will please Me.

THE PATH OF LOVE, pp. 95-96