Catherine Ponder Directions For Practicing Silence

Esmeralda and I just listened to Chapter 10 of Pray & Grow Rich by Catherine Ponder, and both felt that this is a missing piece in both of our intentions of manifestation and communing with God/Source.

Esmeralda took the time to write out the directions Catherine offers in practicing silence.

She also suggests just starting with 2-3 minutes in silence, and doing it in the morning, various times through the day, and at night before sleep.

Catherine Ponder Directions For Practicing Silence

1. Relax your mind and body: I relax and let go. I let go and let God.

2. Turn your attention within, closing your eyes and quieting the mind. ‘I am relaxed in mind and body.’

3. Dwell upon the nature and presence of God, there by establishing contact: ‘There is only one presence and one power. God’s goodness is right here within me now’.

4. Continue to still your random thoughts by saying to them: ‘Peace, be still.’

5. Then listen. If no concise revelation or impression comes, give thanks for perfect results, and when you have experienced an inner feeling of peace, satisfaction, serenity and a sense of well being, conclude your silence period.

6. Conclude your silence period with a word of thanks for divine fulfillment. ‘Father, I thank the that thou heardest me and thou hearest me always.’ Or, ‘It’s done.’ The perfect finished result, now manifests.

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