Prayer Needed For Financial Miracle  


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03/02/2018 8:23 am  

Hello all,

I am in a financial crisis and would appreciate your prayers. I have struggled with debt for almost 15 years, the last seven being emotionally exhausting. Bankruptcy would not even save me my situation is that dire. The feeling is one of imprisonment, of feeling numb.

I believe strongly in the rosary and have prayed throughout my life. I have prayed novenas, spoken to priests, have taken many avenues. I once prayed the 54 day rosary novena in 2 days strongly believing that my faith will overcome this situation. I’m a member of the rosary confraternity, am enrolled with the brown scapular and wear it along with the miraculous medal. I do have spurts of very intense prayer over the 7 years and times of feeling lost and hopeless and broken. I have hardened emotionally and can deal with the situation but wish it was over. Part of me feels like Job being tested, and waiting for the day mercy will be shown. I have received graces throughout this time which keep me strong. I remember once smelling roses after praying the rosary ( I actually looked for them believing there were flowers in the house). Another time during the 54 day rosary novena I received a blanket with red and yellow roses.

I have not just relied on prayers but have also tried to pay as much as I can, to earn and work hard. However it seems futile.

I have grown and developed so much during this time of suffering, growing much wiser and closer with God. I have acquired so many tools during this time I otherwise wouldn’t have. I would like to go back into the world again without the shackles of the financial burden. Would love to finish university, fulfill my potential and give back to the world.

Despite this situation I have never doubted my faith. I’ve always been and will always be a proud Catholic. I ask for your prayers during this time, for grace to continue to deal with the financial burdens, for God’s mercy and that His will be done.

Thank you