The moment you assume it, all of your limiting beliefs, all of the hard facts of life, all of the evidences of your senses rush to fight your new assumption.

At first you feel the bliss of having it, but soon you start to doubt it, then fear comes and you are back at square one.

All of the teachings of LOA lack this simple step. How do you dare?

First you must accept that everything that you want already exists within your consciousness. You are not creating anything new. You are the spirit and your spirit is all. but in your physical reality, you only get a small piece of this all, that you consciousness has accepted to be true. Your ONLY job is to convince your consciousness that you are already what you desire to be.

There is only the eternal NOW and the eternal ‘here’ where ever you go and whenever it is, you only experience it NOW and HERE.

When Neville says ‘DARE’ to assume it, it means whatever your current life situation is, drop it, from this moment on, think from the state of your wish fulfilled and take the consciousness of this wish fulfilled with you in every ‘NOW and HERE’.

No matter WHAT your senses tell you, no matter what news you get, no matter what people tell you, no matter what happens, you hijack your consciousness and fill it with one and only thing: ‘I already AM what I want to be’. Not tomorrow, not next week, not anytime in the future, but NOW.

Do this for the next 24 hrs, every ‘now and here’ be in your consciousness what you desire to be, and see how EVERY cell in your body is filled with mind blowing bliss. Do NOT look for proof of your wish fulfillment, set this as your ONLY GOAL. Feel the bliss in every moment for the next 24 hrs. Do NOT fear anything, do not doubt anything, live as though it has already happened.

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