Excerpts From Self Confidence by Joseph Murphy

Man’s greatest need is to believe in himself. In what he is doing. And in his ultimate destiny.
Self reliance, or self confidence, finds its greatest outlet when it is accompainied by a belief, that the real self of man is God. And that with God, all things are possible.
The bible gives the key to building spiritual self reliance. But without faith, it is impossible to please him, for he that cometh to God, must first believe that God is, and that he’s a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
You can accomplish little in this world without faith. You can have the same abiding faith (as the laws of chemistry) of your own mind. Which are the same yesterday, today and forever.
A man is living in the dark ages who thinks the principals of chemistry and mathematics are different from the principals and laws operating in his own mind.
We know for a fact that think good, good follows, think evil and evil follows.
Think of success, realize you were born to succeed and to win, for the infinite cannot fail. Picture yourself successful, happy and free and you will be.
WHATEVER you think and feel as true, in your conscious mind, is embodied in your subconscious and comes to pass into your experience.
That’s the law of mind. Undeviating, unmuteable, timeless and changeless.
What do you beleive in? To believe is to accept something as true.
The first step in building self reliance or self confidence is the believe in that infinite power within you. All the processes of your body are controlled by that infinite intelligence.
So believe in that infinite power within you. Recognize and KNOW that the self of you is God. That’s your higher self.
The second step is to commune regularly with this infinite presence and power. And have a vision, realizing you’ll go where your vision is. And your vision is what your mentally looking at. What your giving attention and feeling to.
Let your vision be on abundance, right action, inspiration and divine guidance.
What difference does it make if you have floundered and failed many times, now that you know the divine presence indwells you. And the infinite presence and the infinite power and the life principal is the God presence within you.
Wake up that sleeping giant within you, trust that creative power within you. Moreso than you’ve ever trusted your human father or mother.
When the thought comes to you, ‘I cannot do this’, affirm: But the divine presence can. It’s the infinite presence, its the infinite power, there’s nothing to oppose it or challenge it, its almighty.
look at all the difficulties and obstructions realize and know, and say boldly to yourself: Infinite intelligence and infinite power knows no obstructions, delays or impediments.
You will find your obstructions and challenges will be turned to opportunties. Your fear will turn to faith. And your doubt will turn into certainty.

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