Joseph Murphy Affirmation From Confidence

Periodically during the day, I withdraw my attention from the vexations and strifes of the world, and I return to the divine presence within me, and commune with that creative intelligence within.

I know I am nourished spiritually and mentally, and Gods river of peace floods my mind.

Infinite intelligence reveals to me the perfect solution and the perfect idea for every problem I meet.

I reject the appearance of things, and I affirm the supremacy of the infinite presence and power within me.

I am absorbed and engrossed in the great truth, that infinite intelligence is guiding me; that divine right action reigns supreme.

The miraculous healing presence is flowing through me now, permeating every atom of my being.

his river of peace flows through my mind and heart, and I am relaxed, poised, serene and calm.

I know the divine presence which made me is now restoring me to wholeness and perfection, and I give thanks for the miraculous healing which is taking place now.



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