Joseph Murphy Prayer For Overcoming Anxiety From Overcoming Worry

Every morning before the day’s work, take time to be alone, and identify yourself mentally and emotionally with these truths:

I live, move and have my being in God and God is the living principal within me and I know very well I am alive, and God is the progenitor; the father of all.

God lives, moves and has his being in me. I am the temple of the living God, God lives in me.

I am immersed in the Divine presence which surrounds me, enfolds me and enwraps me. My mind is God’s mind; for there is only one mind, and my spirit is the spirit of God.

This infinite being within me is the only presence and the only power; it cannot be defeated, thwarted, or frustrated in any way; there’s nothing to oppose it, challenge it, neutralize it, it’s Almighty; it moves as a unity; there are no divisions or quarrels in it; it is all powerful and all wise, it is present everywhere.

As I unite mentally with this infinite power through my thoughts, I know I am greater than any problem.

I grapple courageously with all difficulties and problems, knowing that they’re divinely outmatched, and whatever strength, power, and creative ideas I need will automatically be given to me by the Divine intelligence within me.

I know the infinite lies stretched in smiling repose within me, where all is bliss, harmony and peace.

I am now in tune with the infinite, and His wisdom, power and intelligence become active and potent in my life.

This is the law of my being and I know God’s peace fills my soul.

I know I can’t think of two things at the same time; I can’t bless my son and denounce him in the same breath; I can’t think of failure and dwell upon success at the same time in my mind.

This is the law of my being, and then God’s peace fills my soul.

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