Prayer Suggestions By Ernest Holmes

These are a couple of prayers that I got from listening to a couple videos by Ernest Holmes that i really liked, and wanted to add to our posts on this site.

Prayer 1:

I am now making my request with thanksgiving, because I believe that the law, which is a law of love, will

Act on my faith, and bring into my experience, and into the experience of those whom I love, the good we all so greatly desire.

I am not praying for anything specific, but I am affirming that divine intelligence leads me into pathways of peace, of happiness, of health and of success in my everyday living.

I am lifting up my whole thought, in enthusiasm and in expectancy and in joy, to the outpouring of the divine spirit.

Therefore, I expect everything in my life, and in the lives of those whom I love, to come under divine guidance, and as I send out my thought of love to the whole world, I expect it to return to me, multiplied, and as I wish Good for everyone, I expect that this same Good will return to my personal experience.

I do believe in the availability of divine power, and I believe in the intimate nearness of the one perfect spirit.

I do desire that this spirit shall influence my every act, because I know that only good can come from God.

Prayer 2:

Every thought and idea which is necessary to the accomplishment to the good thing I desire, which expresses a more abundant life, and which brings only good to everyone, is all happening to me now.

and here is an affirmation by Ernest Holmes that I also liked.


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