I was just listening to an amazing interview between Ed Mylett and Dean Graziosi on Ed’s YouTube channel, and thought this question Ed asked Dean was amazing, and so i am writing Ed’s question along, with Dean’s answer, which was enlightening, so I can come back and re-read this whenever I want.

Ed: What if someone that’s listening to this says ‘listen man, I wanna turn my life around. I’m listening to this; I’m not where I wanna be, and I wish I could DM you a question Dean, but you’re probably too busy to respond to all the questions on Instagram.’

and they just asked you: ‘What would be the recipe, or a  formula, or your initial advice you would give me to having just a more fulfilled business, a more fulfilled life; a more fulfilled spirit and existence.’

What would you say? i know there are a million things you could say. but if you could give them something to start with, what would it be?

Dean: I would say, really know where you wanna steer your ship. Like what happens is, I think, we become somebody for our parents when we are young, and then we might become someone for a relationship that we’re in, and then we become someone for a boss that we have, or a coworker, or a partner, or our employees.

And then you become someone if you go to church on Sunday, and then you become somebody when you sneak out to the club, then you’re someone there.

Then we become all these people, and I think what happens is, inside we knew we had this destination of what we wanted, but it gets diluted by all these things, all these “realities”, like we should cover the mortgage, we should have the money so that the kids can go to college, like we have all these things, and we forget who we are.

What I would say, is spend some time who you really are, and what you really want, and start saying no to all the shit that doesn’t point you in that direction.

The only reason you’re not going where you wanna go is cuz you’re fragmented; it’s like fuzzy targets don’t get hit. You need a crystal clear target, and I would say, just spend some time; pretend it’s a year from now, or five years from now, and you’re living the life that you wanted; maybe the life when you were younger; the life before all the clutter, and find what that is, and find a way to obsess on it, and find a way to stop doing all the other shit, I mean, I keep getting simpler and simpler, I dress, like I got 20 of these t-shirts.

I’m finding myself getting simpler and simpler, because I know where I wanna go, and nothing else really matters anymore, and if someone would have given me that clarity younger, is realize, most people are wrong that are giving you advice.

The other thing that I will say is, the most costly advice in the world is bad advice; it’s your broke friend telling you how to make money; it’s your single friend telling you how to fix your relationship.

Stop listening to all the crap. Listen to the good stuff like you’re hearing here and other wonderful people who have done it, and get rid of the stuff you shouldn’t be doing, and stare at your destination like an onbsession.

Ed: oh my gosh, this has been a masterclass today!

Here is the full video. This was at the end of the video starting about an hour in: