Dr. Murphy prescribed this prayer treatment for a businessman with anxiety.

The businessman said every time he would pray about prosperity, success or greater wealth, he would start to worry about money, his business and the future, and that it was wearing him down.

Dr. Murphy said the businessman had quiet sessions with himself, where he declared this prayer solemnly:

“But there is a spirit in man, and the inspiration of The Almighty giveth him understanding.

The Almighty Power is within me, enabling me to be, to do and to have.

This wisdom and power of The Almighty backs me up, and enables me to fulfill all my goals.

I think about the wisdom and power of The Almighty regularly and systematically.

And I no longer think about obstacles, impediments, delays and failure.

I know that thinking constantly along this line builds up my faith and confidence, and increases my strength and poise.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, and of power, and of a sound mind.”



Step One: Never make a negative statement about finances, such as ‘I can’t pay my bills’, or ‘I can’t pay my rent’,  ‘business is very bad’, or ‘I can’t make ends meet’ etc.

As soon as the negative thought starts ‘I can’t…’, affirm instead ‘I am one with the infinite storehouse within me, and all my needs are met instantaneously’.

You may  have to do this over and over, Joseph says, but persist and the negative thought will eventually stop troubling you.

Step Two: Condition your mind to the riches of the infinite by making it a habit throughout the day to affirm ‘God is an ever present help in time of trouble’, and also ‘God is the instant and immediate source of my supply, presenting me with all the ideas necessary at every moment of time and point of space’.

Step Three: Fall asleep every night repeating this great truth: ‘I am ever grateful for God’s riches, which are ever active, ever present, unchanging, and eternal’.


Every morning before the day’s work, take time to be alone, and identify yourself mentally and emotionally with these truths:

I live, move and have my being in God and God is the living principal within me and I know very well I am alive, and God is the progenitor; the father of all.

God lives, moves and has his being in me. I am the temple of the living God, God lives in me.

I am immersed in the Divine presence which surrounds me, enfolds me and enwraps me. My mind is God’s mind; for there is only one mind, and my spirit is the spirit of God.

This infinite being within me is the only presence and the only power; it cannot be defeated, thwarted, or frustrated in any way; there’s nothing to oppose it, challenge it, neutralize it, it’s Almighty; it moves as a unity; there are no divisions or quarrels in it; it is all powerful and all wise, it is present everywhere.

As I unite mentally with this infinite power through my thoughts, I know I am greater than any problem.

I grapple courageously with all difficulties and problems, knowing that they’re divinely outmatched, and whatever strength, power, and creative ideas I need will automatically be given to me by the Divine intelligence within me.

I know the infinite lies stretched in smiling repose within me, where all is bliss, harmony and peace.

I am now in tune with the infinite, and His wisdom, power and intelligence become active and potent in my life.

This is the law of my being and I know God’s peace fills my soul.

I know I can’t think of two things at the same time; I can’t bless my son and denounce him in the same breath; I can’t think of failure and dwell upon success at the same time in my mind.

This is the law of my being, and then God’s peace fills my soul.

Periodically during the day, I withdraw my attention from the vexations and strifes of the world, and I return to the divine presence within me, and commune with that creative intelligence within.

I know I am nourished spiritually and mentally, and Gods river of peace floods my mind.

Infinite intelligence reveals to me the perfect solution and the perfect idea for every problem I meet.

I reject the appearance of things, and I affirm the supremacy of the infinite presence and power within me.

I am absorbed and engrossed in the great truth, that infinite intelligence is guiding me; that divine right action reigns supreme.

The miraculous healing presence is flowing through me now, permeating every atom of my being.

his river of peace flows through my mind and heart, and I am relaxed, poised, serene and calm.

I know the divine presence which made me is now restoring me to wholeness and perfection, and I give thanks for the miraculous healing which is taking place now.



Man’s greatest need is to believe in himself. In what he is doing. And in his ultimate destiny.
Self reliance, or self confidence, finds its greatest outlet when it is accompainied by a belief, that the real self of man is God. And that with God, all things are possible.
The bible gives the key to building spiritual self reliance. But without faith, it is impossible to please him, for he that cometh to God, must first believe that God is, and that he’s a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
You can accomplish little in this world without faith. You can have the same abiding faith (as the laws of chemistry) of your own mind. Which are the same yesterday, today and forever.
A man is living in the dark ages who thinks the principals of chemistry and mathematics are different from the principals and laws operating in his own mind.
We know for a fact that think good, good follows, think evil and evil follows.
Think of success, realize you were born to succeed and to win, for the infinite cannot fail. Picture yourself successful, happy and free and you will be.
WHATEVER you think and feel as true, in your conscious mind, is embodied in your subconscious and comes to pass into your experience.
That’s the law of mind. Undeviating, unmuteable, timeless and changeless.
What do you beleive in? To believe is to accept something as true.
The first step in building self reliance or self confidence is the believe in that infinite power within you. All the processes of your body are controlled by that infinite intelligence.
So believe in that infinite power within you. Recognize and KNOW that the self of you is God. That’s your higher self.
The second step is to commune regularly with this infinite presence and power. And have a vision, realizing you’ll go where your vision is. And your vision is what your mentally looking at. What your giving attention and feeling to.
Let your vision be on abundance, right action, inspiration and divine guidance.
What difference does it make if you have floundered and failed many times, now that you know the divine presence indwells you. And the infinite presence and the infinite power and the life principal is the God presence within you.
Wake up that sleeping giant within you, trust that creative power within you. Moreso than you’ve ever trusted your human father or mother.
When the thought comes to you, ‘I cannot do this’, affirm: But the divine presence can. It’s the infinite presence, its the infinite power, there’s nothing to oppose it or challenge it, its almighty.
look at all the difficulties and obstructions realize and know, and say boldly to yourself: Infinite intelligence and infinite power knows no obstructions, delays or impediments.
You will find your obstructions and challenges will be turned to opportunties. Your fear will turn to faith. And your doubt will turn into certainty.

‘when you say I am, you are announcing the presence of the living God within you’
You are declaring yourself to be.
I am that I am.
the word THAT indicates, that which you want to be, that which you’d like to be.
And the second I am, means the answered prayer. Achievement, fulfilment of your desire.
you feel yourself to be what you long to be.
Whatever you attach to I AM you become. Whatever you attach to I AM with feeling, with understanding, you will become that very thing.
I am in my true place. I am doing whart I love to do. I am divnely happy. I am divinely prospered.
I AM means awareness, being, life principle. Unconditioned consciousness.
take your attention from your problem, lack, limitation, focus your attention on your ideal, your goal, your objective, claim yourself to be what you long to be, rejoice and feel it, then, the old condition will pass away, then you will experience the joy of the answered prayer.

You’re saved from lack, limitations of all kinds, why? because you’re aware of the God presence within. And your capacity to contact it. When you call on it, it answers you. It will be with you in trouble, it will set you on high. Because you hath known its name. Its name is it’s nature., the way it works.

Your desire is a gift from God, realization is your savior.
* realization of your desire is your savior.

So the answer is always within you. And the saving consciousness is within you. Because God indwells you.

stand still and see the salvation of the lord, meaning, to quiet the wheels of your mind. Call upon this infinite intelligence which responds to you.


remain unmoved, live in the atmosphere of victory.
And victory will be yours
having seen the end, you have willed a means to the end. realize and know that all the power of God will flow to that focal point of attention

remember, I want to stress this: whatever you attach to I AM with feeling you become.

seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all things shall be added unto you. What does that mean? The kingdom of heaven or the Kingdom of God is within yourself, its your consciousness, its your awareness of being, its your mind, your thoughts, your imagination, the invisible part of you, your feelings, your beliefs.

Your state of consciousness is what you think and believe. What you feel, it is what you imagine yourself to be. Therefore, your state of consciousness is whatever you think, feel, believe, and give mental consent to. All these things are dramatized on the screen of space.
Your consciousness is the only God, they only creative power.
It’s your thought and feeling, which create your destiny

You first therefore go within, your own mind, your own consciousness, there you claim to be what you want to be.
And that spirit within will honor, validate, and execute it

Go within, shut the door to your senses, pray to your father which is in secret, and the father is the creative power, its the life principal within you
the thought and the manifestation are one arent they. Therefore thoughts are things, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you become.
therefore of course, whatever you want, you go to consciousness for it. thats the meaning of seek ye first, the kingdom of heaven, OMGGGGG
your concept of yourself determines your future.
whenever you say I am, remember you are announcing the presence of the living God, within you

Realize that you can now claim what you want to be, you can now claim to possess what you long to possess. You can now claim that you’re doing what you long to do. You can live in that mental attitude, which will gradually sink down by osmosis from your conscious to your subconscious.

It will gradually become a conviction as you nourish it and sustain it. Then your limitation will disintegrate.
Then you will rise from the ashes like the phoenix, because I must die to what I am before I can live to what I long to be.
And claim that the wholeness of God is flowing through you
Take your attention away from the multitude of reasons why you cant achieve something. And focus your attention on your ideal,. Nourish and sustain it.
And the answer will come. Keep on keeping on. and the day will break and all the shadows will flee away