You may know of Cynthia Stafford from hearing how she manifested her lottery win of 112 million dollars.

It turns out that she has a whole lot to say about having faith, positive thinking, etc.

We compiled a bunch of bullet points of things she has said, and categorized them into her commandments, what she does, and her insights:

Cynthia’s Commandments:

You gotta be really clear when you say you’re gonna do what you plan to do.

Be positive, because what you put out, will come back, always.

The bible says to forgive your enemies, you do have to forgive if you expect to receive your blessings.

Always speak things with positive energy, you have to feel it strongly.

Be your best cheerleader, cheer yourself on, see yourself as like, the best on this planet.

Don’t have people around you that wanna pull you down, because they will do that, you just have to look at them and say ‘they’re not on the same level that I’m on, and God bless you’, in fact, say prayers for them, and keep moving on. Release them, let em go, and keep moving, and have a smile on your face.

If you say you want something for free, be that, you want something right now, say you want it now, don’t put it off into the future, cuz the mind hears you, and the subconscious mind doesn’t take jokes.

We have to be careful of what we say.

You have to be that person to say ‘I’m gonna be the next star, or whatever’.

You have to choose what you want to be, and the mind will open those doors for you, and so will spirit.

When you wanna manifest something, don’t ask how, just put it out there, don’t ask how it’s gonna happen.

Be prepared, study wealth, study wealthy people.

Make friends with wealth.

Become comfortable with wealth, when you’re uncomfortable with wealth, it won’t stay, it’s an energy.

Never give up, never listen to no, never listen to can’t.

I tell people ‘don’t buy a ticket and say I probably won’t win’, yeah you’re not gonna win.

You have to believe that you’re going to be the one to receive it.

What She Does:

For manifesting – I visualize, I see it, I first see what it is that I want (cuz as you see it, so shall it be)

I visualize all the time, I visualized all the time that I was gonna be holding a check with $112,000,000.00 written across it, I even visualized myself wearing my little favorite green top.

I remember thinking: ‘I’m gonna wear that top, I’m gonna hold that check, and I’m gonna be so happy’, cuz that which you put your strongest feeling into, has to manifest, it has to, good or bad, so why not manifest your best, and that’s what I strive to do all the time

I strive to think positive, at ALL times, even when things don’t seem so positive

I switch my thoughts, we have to in life, because if we don’t, those thoughts that are bugging you, will have a way of manifesting in your life.

I just started saying I’m wealthy, I started singing it.

I say I’m happy.

I always strive to be in the positive.

I don’t allow the negative around me.

I wake up every day and I say ‘Today is a good day’

I’m constantly saying that I’m blessed.

Every breath I take, I’m saying that I’m powerful.

I say that I’m healthy.

I say to myself: ‘I’m the most brilliant person on the planet’, because what you say, is what your mind believes.

I don’t give up.

Whatever it is you want in life, you have to see yourself there, and that’s what I did.

I know that if it wasn’t for keeping the faith and the belief – I kept believing it, I kept seeing myself holding that check, and knowing that it was gonna happen.

I visualized it, and did a little meditation, and $112,000,000.00 came to me, and I said ‘OK, that’s what I’ll go for’.

$112,000,000.00 was a number I just randomly picked, I said: ‘well, that sounds good’, I wrote it down on a sheet of paper, meditated on it until I no longer felt the need to meditate, and it happened.

It changed my life tremendously, I’m able to do the things I’ve always wanted.

After my brother died, I was about to lose my home, I had just lost the kids back to the system – I had a choice whether to be positive, or to go into depression, and I knew I needed to be positive – a month later, Mother’s Day, May 11, 2007, I won.

I just kinda stood and cried for a minute, and thought: ‘OK, this is awesome’, I didn’t faint, though I kinda felt like I was close to it.

I visualized it, I wrote the number down (I think that’s real important to write your goals down), so I said ‘well, I’m gonna set this as a goal for myself’.

I just wrote $112,000,000.00 on a sheet of paper, and put the paper on my wall, and would look at the paper all the time, and just knew that if I kept seeing it, believing it, it will happen.

When the lottery (I call it the gift) came through, we split it because it was part of all of our efforts.

I am a believer that we can have whatever it is we want in life, and I wanted to have more, I wanted to show the children that you can have more, that you can have whatever it is that you believe in, and so I set about the task of invoking it

Cynthia’s Insights:

How we think with our minds is so important

Our minds are very powerful – As you think, so it is

I don’t watch negative TV, I only watch news when I think it’s pertinent, because those things you put on your mind, have a way of showing up.

As you think, so shall it be

After losing the kids, what I remembered was, I have to be positive, have to stay in that mindset

What I’ve realized in life, everything just comes when you need it, and sometimes it just comes serendipitously

God always knows when we need things, and we just have to trust, and let go, you just have to have that trust (that’s what I had to do, on my faith walk, to win the lottery and help me get to where I am today).

Whatever it is that you want, the sooner it is that you understand that… I may not have much right now, that don’t mean anything, because I’m wealthy, the moment you start saying to yourself ‘I am wealthy’, wealth comes to you.

Wealth is an energy, just like poverty is an energy, when you say you’re poor, it will circulate in your life.

I’m constantly being blessed.

Satan is out there to make us believe we are not powerful, and can’t have the things that we want.

We’re not here to be less than, we’re here to be the best.

As you say it, so shall it be – that’s what I say all the time.

God can only be in your life when you allow Him to be in your life.

It is great to understand the power of the mind, and how powerful the mind can be.

What you say, is what you will receive.

At first it wasn’t easy to decide what to do with the money, I was like a kid in the candy store.

Wealth will stay around you when you say you’re wealthy.

When you give yourself, you’re always gonna be rewarded, ALWAYS.

The way to win is to visualize.

I’m a believer that if you give of yourself, you receive.

For winners: ‘breathe, take your time making financial decisions, don’t rush into anything, just take your time to experience what’s happening because your life is definitely going to change.

Winning the lottery can open up many opportunities, but again, take your time to enjoy what has been given.